3 Rules For Wearing Fur-Lined Boots

The trend of wearing winter fur lined boots has been able to survive quite a few seasons at this point, and it will more than likely will still be around for the next one. Fur boots are often praised by their fans as being a warm and highly comfortable form of footwear. But unfortunately, as we all know, comfort is a hard thing to translate into the fashion world, and it can easily look both tacky and lazy if mismatched with the rest of your ensemble. So if you consider yourself a fashionista, obey these three rules so you don’t stain your style savvy reputation.

Timing Is Everything
There is a time and a place for everything, ESPECIALLY when it applies to fashion. While wearing fur lined boots can make you look like a cute little snow bunny in the winter months, sporting them in warm climates can be downright awkward looking. Wear them when you need them, so you don’t look like an Eskimo in denial.

Swim At Your Own Risk
The fur-lined boot look tends to look adorable on adolescents, but due to their juvenile nature, they can be tricky for more mature looks. Try to use slender and more narrow cuts since they are more sophisticated, and narrow heels will provide an additional adult element to their appearance.

I’m not referring to the standard layers of fashion here. What I’m talking about is socks. Fur lining may be highly seductive and letting it touch your bare skin may be hard to resist, but it’s important to have strength. Fur is not like wearing tennis shoes which are built to withstand sweat and heat. Protect and preserve your boots by wearing socks or tights, to keep them from transforming into revolting smelling havens for fungi…unless you’re weird enough to think that athlete’s foot is cute.